Hayward Team May 22, 2023

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, pool covers are one of the best energy efficiency solutions for your pool. One of the leading causes of pool water and energy loss is through evaporation.  Pools in areas with warm climates and sun exposure experience even more evaporation.  Consider investing in a pool cover before the season starts to save water and energy.

Pool covers help keep the water in your pool so you can add water to your pool less often. Along with loss of water from evaporation, water loss causes an imbalance of pool chemicals. Pool covers help keep the water chemistry in balance by keeping the water in your pool and the contaminants out. Covers also help retain the heat in pool water during cool nights. Since your pool is being maintained at a more constant temperature, the pool heater will run less often, which will cut down on energy costs.

Advantages of Pool Covers
  • Pool covers save water by minimizing evaporation by heat, sun and wind.
  • Pool covers save energy by holding in the heat in cool weather.
  • Pool covers prevent algae bloom and limit bacteria growth during the winter season in mild climates.
  • Pool covers save chemicals by maintaining water chemistry balance.
  • Pool covers save maintenance by keeping wind-blown debris out of the pool.
  • Pool covers may prevent accidents by limiting access to the pool.

Pool covers come in a variety of types including automatic or manual models. Light and heavy-duty covers are available, so talk with your local pool representative for help in choosing the best option for your pool. Look for attractive pool covers that fit securely on your pool. Consider models that are easy to use – you are more likely to use your pool cover if it is easy to open and close or remove and replace. In the long run, they will save more money, water and energy.


Our Hayward blog offers additional energy and water saving tips for your pool.

  • Variable speed pool pumps can save up to 90% on pool energy costs. Variable speed pumps run at optimal speeds during filtration and while operating water features, cleaning equipment, and heaters.
  • Working independently from the filtration system and using less than 150 Watts, Robotic cleaners represent the most energy efficient cleaning solution.
  • Regular pool maintenance can make a big difference in saving energy. Monitor your pool water levels, chemistry and temperature. Clear pool drains and filters regularly.

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