Hayward Team May 23, 2023

Salt water pools are increasingly popular, representing over half of new in-ground pool installations. Owners of existing traditional chlorinated pools are also converting their pools to saltwater systems.

Why are consumers choosing salt water pools? They offer many advantages over traditional pool sanitization.

Pool Sanitization

To ensure clean clear water, all pools and spas require sanitization. Hayward’s worldwide best-selling sanitization products make it easier than ever for you to experience healthy swimming conditions and sparkling, clear water.

The most popular option for pool and spa sanitization is salt chlorination. Salt chlorination is a natural and more convenient alternative to harsh liquid and solid chemical chlorine traditionally used in pools. It is also a lower-cost alternative to chemical chlorine sanitization.

Over 1 million households have sanitized their pools using Hayward’s salt chlorination systems. Hayward salt cells work automatically, satisfying all of the sanitization needs of your backyard pool and spa. Hayward also offers salt cells capable of delivering 25% longer life than other brands, for under $1 per pound of chlorine.

Like traditional chlorine pools, salt water pools require the proper levels of pH, total alkalinity, and water hardness. To achieve the correct level of salinity, a simple formula is used to determine the amount of salt needed for your pool. It’s also important to note that converting your pool is relatively simple since draining the pool is not required.* Proper water balance will help protect your pool equipment and pool users by making the chlorine more effective at destroying bacteria, viruses, and algae. For assistance with water chemistry, contact your local pool pro for advice tailored to your unique pool.

Benefits of Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools offer a more convenient sanitization method over traditional chlorine. The reliable systems operate independently and are easy to maintain.

Salt water chlorination produces clean, clear, silky-smooth water that’s luxuriously soft.

Salt chlorination is a natural sanitization method, in contrast to using harsh chemical chlorine.

Salt water offers a pleasant healthful swimming experience with fewer chloramines produced, eliminating the harsh chemical odor.

Salt cells convert salt into active chlorine for a lower cost as compared to the traditional form of liquid or solid chlorine.

Salt water pools reduce skin and eye irritation and greatly reduce the chlorine smell.

Salt Chlorinator Technology

If you’re thinking of building a salt water pool or converting an existing pool, you’ll want to become familiar with the technology behind salt chlorinators.

Salt chlorinators convert salt into chlorine to sanitize pool water. The level of salinity is quite mild, at only 3,000 parts per million. Pool owners are amazed to learn that only a teaspoon of salt per gallon of water is needed to produce clean, clear pool water. This is comparable to the amount of salt in a human tear. Your pool water will not smell or taste salty either.

Here’s how Hayward salt chlorinator systems work:

  1. Add the proper amount of salt to your pool water where it dissolves.
  2. Salt water enters the TurboCell chlorine generator.
  3. Power is applied to the TurboCell to convert the dissolved salt into chlorine gas.
  4. Water with fresh pure chlorine is returned to the pool for complete sanitization.

Hayward’s chlorine generator systems convert dissolved salt into the perfect amount of chlorine. They create water that is silky-smooth and sanitized for a pleasant, healthful swimming experience. Our salt chlorination system is also less work for you and is easier on your family’s budget than traditional chemical chlorine.

Get the benefits of salt water chlorination in your own backyard pool. Even if you have a pool with a traditional chlorine system, you can switch to Hayward’s salt chlorination systems. Contact your local Hayward Dealer today to learn how you can create an optimal salt water pool experience.

* Unless pool has been using biguanides as sanitizer