Hayward Team May 22, 2023

A salt water pool requires very little new equipment and it’s easy to convert a traditional chlorine pool to saltwater swimming pool. In fact, you can make the change from a traditional chlorine pool to a salt water pool in just a day. Here is the equipment you’ll need:

  1. A Salt Water Chlorine Generating System which includes:
    • A control box
    • A salt cell
  2. An experienced pool professional to:
    • Install the salt water chlorine generating system
    • Safely connect the electrical components
  3. An electrical connection of:
    • 240V

*To find a list of experienced pool professionals in your area, visit Hayward.com/locator and enter your zip code.

Now that you know what you’ll need, here are 3 easy steps for making the transition to salt chlorination.

3 Easy Steps for Converting to a Salt Water Pool

1. Purchase a salt water chlorine generation system.

The only equipment you need to convert your pool is the salt water chlorine generating system. Purchase a system, such as the AquaRite, consisting of a control box and a salt cell.

2. Install the control box and salt cell

The control box is no bigger than a lunch box and it is installed on a wall. The salt cell installs into the existing pool plumbing with standard fittings that come with the product.

3. Make the final electrical connections

Connect the new salt water chlorine generation system to your home’s 240V electrical service.

Once the system is connected and salt is dissolved in the pool, the electrical power will charge the salt cell, converting the salt into chlorine. Luxuriously soft water with pure, fresh chlorine is returned to the pool.

For the complete guide on converting to a saltwater pool, check out, “How to Convert a Chlorine Pool to a Salt Water Pool.”

Enjoy Your Salt Water Pool

Salt water pools have become an extremely popular alternative to traditional chlorine pools. In fact, nearly two million salt chlorine generating systems have been installed in the U.S.

Salt chlorination is a natural and more convenient sanitization method, as compared with using traditional harsh liquid or solid chemical chlorine. It also cuts your chlorine costs by 50% or more, while providing a continuous supply of fresh, natural chlorine to your pool.

Your family can enjoy the comfort, convenience, and cost savings of salt chlorination with Hayward’s worldwide best-selling salt chlorination systems. Our systems automatically convert dissolved salt into just the right amount of chlorine for perfectly sanitized, luxuriously soft pool water.

Contact your local Hayward Dealer for advice and product information. Learn more about the benefits of salt chlorination here.