Hayward Team May 22, 2023

We’ve written a lot about the importance of keeping your pool water’s pH in balance, and showed you that high or low pH will cause problems for you, your pool, and your equipment.


One of the secrets to controlling pH lies in controlling your pool’s water alkalinity. It acts like a ceiling over your pH, so the pH can only rise so high. It’s important to control your pool’s water alkalinity first, because it makes balancing pH easier. When alkalinity is within proper range, 80 to 120 parts per million (PPM), it prevents rapid pH changes and stabilizes the pH level.

Low Alkalinity

When alkalinity is too low, your pool finish can become etched and stain, metals corrode, the water can turn green, swimmers’ eyes tend to burn, and pH can rapidly rise up or fall, seemingly at random.

High Alkalinity

When alkalinity is too high, the pH is difficult to adjust, the water becomes cloudy, the pool constantly needs acid and the chlorine loses its effectiveness.

Alkalinity Recap

Keeping your pool and spa water’s alkalinity in its proper range, 80 to 120 PPM, will make managing pH much easier and will cost you a lot less in chemical costs.  When both pH and Alkalinity are in their proper ranges, your water will be much more comfortable for swimmers and there will be less chances of equipment and finish damage.  Improperly balanced water can cause damage to your pool’s equipment and finished, and will likely make turn your eyes red after swimming.

Automating Chlorination and Chemistry

Once your pool’s water is balanced, the best way to keep it that way is by automating its management.  Check out Hayward’s Salt Chlorination with Chemistry Automation option. pH and chlorine levels are continuously monitored and adjusted automatically for you. The water stays crystal clear and luxuriously soft. These salt chlorinators just don’t deliver on comfort and convenience, they’ll also save you money too!  The chlorine produced by a Hayward salt level is less than a $1.00 per pound.  That’s a savings of 50% or more over the chlorine you buy today.

Maybe add list of products related to Salt Chlorination and Chemistry Automation in the future