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Engineered to be just as high-performing and durable as our industry-leading HeatPro heat pump, the HeatPro VS heat and cool heat pump leverages variable-speed technology to maximize energy and cost savings while minimizing operational noise.

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As the first AHRI-certified inverter-driven variable-speed heat and cool heat pump in North America, it features a vertical discharge fan that allows for easy installation in any in-ground pool pad. With efficient operation in even the coldest ambient temperatures, it’s the smartest way for any pool owner to get more out of their investment.

- Omni two-way communication to automation system and control temperature anywhere from the app
- Silent Mode for quiet and efficient operation.
- Advanced touchscreen user interface with 3.5” display
- COP: 13 @ low speed (The Co-efficient of performance (COP) is an expression of the efficiency of a heat and cool pump)
- Low ambient functionality allows operation in temperatures as low as 40 degrees without coils freezing
- Vertical discharge fan allows for versatile installation in any in-ground pool pad
- Titanium heat exchanger operates powerfully and efficiently even in freezing outdoor temperatures
- AHRI certification means independent lab testing confirms product performance and value
- Premium upgrade for pool owners with Omni wanting total control, quiet operation and energy savings
Active Defrost No
Boost Mode No
Brand Hayward
Cooling Capability No
Low Ambient Operation No
Refrigerant No
Silent Mode No