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SKU: ColorLogic 160

Bring color to all corners of your backyard oasis with ColorLogic® 160 LED lights!

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The 1.5-inch pool, spa or accent lights provide low-profile, total color coordination of all water environments and complete synchronization with all Universal ColorLogic lights. With 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows, the ColorLogic 1.5-inch light is ideal for highlighting steps, bubblers, baja shelves and other water features.

Best solution for low-profile pool/spa lighting, or feature accent lighting
Total color coordination of all water environments
Complete synchronization with Universal ColorLogic colors and shows
10 fixed colors and seven color-changing shows
Ideal lights for steps, jets, bubblers, baja shelves, fountains, etc.
2 brightness options available
Available in 30, 50, 100 and 150 foot cord lengths
Installation in wet or dry applications
Vinyl, fiberglass and concrete low-profile installations
UL and cUL Listed

Features with Hayward automation:
Access additional capabilities with OmniDirect Mode™ by pairing any low-voltage ColorLogic stand-alone lights with Omni® Automation. OmniDirect Mode offers:

Instant navigation to desired color or light show without cycling through sequence
Dimming capabilities in increments of 20%
Speed adjustment for light shows
Access to 10 additional color options; expand customization options for special occasions, like school colors, sports, or the holidays
Brand Hayward
Number of Shows - Lighting No
OmniDirect Compatible No