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SKU: 004402388100

The ClearO3 water purifying system is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool for the cleanest water possible.


Ozone actively breaks down non-living waste products in pool water which can combine with chlorine to form unhealthy by-products that can cause eye and skin irritation., The ClearO3 creates ozone using a proprietary UV bulb designed to create ozone molecules from the oxygen in the air. This ozone is delivered into the pool water using the unit’s suction injection system, where the ozone enriched air is mixed with the water going into the pool circulation pump. This creates a dynamic environment that best mixes the ozone and water.

• Cleanest, strongest non-chlorine shock available with oxygen being its only by-product

• Save up to 60% on chemical costs

• Maximum ozone production with minimal impact to the pool equipment

• Easily breaks down unwanted pool particulates that can irritate the eyes and skin when bonded to chlorine

• Proprietary flow meter establishes the ideal flow of air for efficient ozone production

• 13,000 hour lamp life

• 2 year limited warranty

• UL Listed, Engineered to Perform

• Fully sealed cylindrical chamber for optimized ozone generation

• Radiant heat ribs to maintain ozone output at peak operating temperatures

• Extruded aluminum main body with fiber-filled ppo resin end caps

• Removable side panel for easy bulb replacement
Brand Paramount
Channel Open Line
Pool Type In Ground